Reader Stories: How I Improved My English Pronunciation

From Deniz, Guest

My most important tip for good pronunciation is:

Having good pronunciation is not very easy way. But nobody can say it is difficult. If you want to improve the British pronunciation, do not forget the fact that emphasis takes place over the second and the third syllables of the word. Listening should be the first step and repetition and imitation should be the second step. How does it work? Firstly, You can record your pronunciation on the tape to check how well and how accurate your pronunciation is.

How I Did It

One of the most significant ways to improve my pronunciation is listening the foreign channels such as BBC, CNN, Euronews systematically. If you have difficulty in adopting the desired pronunciation easily, you can listen an

English speaking CD ,using headphones before going into sleep. Let the CD work and let the headphones on your ears during the sleep period of yours. When you wake up in the morning, you are going to realize that your pronunciation has been changed as it should be. If you have any doubt, you can try and see the positive results.

Tips and Tricks

  • English people generally have difficulty in understanding the way of speech with which they are not familiar if they are not well educated. In 1990, I was in Norwich, England. A few times I needed to phone a taxi to go from the school where I had education to the city center. I spoke on the phone formal “Would you send me a car I am waiting in front of …….” The man or woman on the phone used to start to speak very slowly as if I was a new comer to England. One day I wanted the secretary at the school to phone a taxi, I wondered how to address to the man on the phone. She said “Is there a chance to send me a car ?”
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